July 1, 2013


This week we celebrate the founding of our country.  A country “conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”  The founders of America had been citizens under the crown of England, but declared themselves Independent risking their lives, their fortunes, and even their honor for the hope of creating a better country, a better home.

But as wonderful as the United States is, and as proud as we all are to be Americans, we all recognize that our country has its faults and pain and injustice still exists all around us.

You see, every one of you was made in the image of God and therefore the author of Hebrews tells us that it is right for to desire a better country, a heavenly one, where there is no pain, or injustice, or sorrow, where all things have been made right.  The good news of the Bible is that such a country exists and if you trust in Christ that country, that homeland, can be yours.

I’m Jason Dees encouraging you to Think Through It.