Think Through It – Details


A great football coach will tell you that football games are won and lost in the details.  The team where every player is disciplined to take pride in every assignment, on every play is going to win a lot of games.

Life can be a lot like a football game.

And while most people think of their lives in terms of the big defining moments, the key to greatness is not found the big things but rather in doing all of the small things well.  Your greatness as a husband, father, or employee will not be determined by what you do on your wedding day, the day your first child is born, or the day of your first promotion, but rather your greatness will be defined by the way you serve your wife when no one else is looking, the extra 15 minutes you spend tucking your child in every night, and in your willingness to work hard even in the small tasks.

I’m Jason Dees encouraging you to Think Through it.

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