Think Through It – Emotions


A recent survey on American Marriages found that of all married people who said their marriage was unhappy or very unhappy if they stayed in that marriage after 5 years 2/3rds of them said that their marriages were happy or very happy.  2/3rds … In our noncommittal society that is an amazing statistic and I believe that it shows deception of our feelings.  We live in a culture that is driven by emotion, passion, and the immediate appeasement of appetites yet statistics have continually proved that this kind of culture not only doesn’t produce true happiness but it is also destructive to society as a whole.  The Bible says that “the heart (or your feelings) are deceptive above all else.”  In other words our emotions can often blind us to what is really true and valuable.  So what about you? Is your life ruled by your emotions, by your feelings, by your appetites, or are you truly guided by conviction and truth.

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