Think Through It – Long Walk


Mildred Norman began walking across the United States on January 1, 1953 and would spend the rest of her life walking across America until her death in 1981.  She carried no supplies and no money and counted only on the generosity of people she met for her survival, yet some estimate that she walked across America more than 20 times in those 28 years.  Shortly after she began walking she legally changed her name from Midlred Norman to Peace Pilgrim.  While I think we can all admire Peace Pilgrim’s determination to walk for Peace I think we all have to wonder what she really accomplished with her life?

But then what are any of us really accomplishing?  Are you living for something that is bigger than yourself and that will go on after you die? Are you living anything of eternal significance? Or is your life even though well-intentioned being spent on something as temporary as a long walk.

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