Think Through It – Poverty


Of all of the people that live in Alabama, 16.7% of them live at or below the poverty level. When confronted with a statistic like this I think we are all forced to ask the questions, how did this happen and whose fault is it?  Is it the people’s fault for not working hard enough? Is it the government’s fault? Or big business?  But rather than asking who is to blame I think the better question to consider is who is going to fix it?  You see Jesus came to a world that was ruined by sin and even though he never sinned, even though he could never be blamed for sin, he was willing to pay the price of sin and fix the problem.  And the promise of the gospel is that anyone who believes in Jesus as savior and follows him as Lord is forgiven of their sin and called to a new life. A new life where we aren’t called to blame, but to fix.

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