Think Through It – Resurrection


What would you say is the greatest event in world history? Was it the end of World War II? The defeat of the Spanish Armada? Or perhaps Julius Ceasar crossing the Rubicon? While each of these events has largely shaped global culture they all pale in comparison to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  If that is true, if Jesus truly died, was buried, and then after three days came back to life, then that necessarily changes everything.  No one no matter how great has been able to overcome death, except for Jesus.  So whether or not you go to church, or like the teachings of Jesus, or want to call yourself a Christian, you have to do something with the resurrection.  If Jesus wasn’t raised, then Christianity falls apart and is a bogus religion, but if the resurrection is true, then Jesus really was the Son of God, what he said is true, and the world has been forever changed.

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