Think Through It – A New Year


Are you a New Years resolution maker?  Or are you someone who used to make New Years resolutions but never kept them and so now you don’t even bother?  Wherever you fall on this paradigm, a New Year is a good thing.  It is a great time to evaluate your life and to make adjustments where needed.  There is an old adage that rings true, “A life not evaluated is not worth living.”

I hope that this year will be a year of evaluating and dreaming for you.  What are your dreams for your life?  And what is keeping you from fulfilling those dreams?  Is it fear? Lack of Discipline? Or Perhaps a lack of clarity? My prayer for you in 2014 is that this would be a year of courage, discipline, and focus so that you can become the man or the woman that God designed you to be.  May 2014 be a year that you can look back on one day and say, “that was a year well spent.”

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