Think Through It – Toughness


What does it mean to be tough?  Toughness is strength, determination, and resilience.  Someone is tough when they have the heart and the commitment to overcome incredibly difficult situations.  So how do you get tough? Or how do you instill toughness into your children?  The two key ingredients for toughness are Passion and Hope, and for this reason the toughest people I know are Christians, Christians who have a deep passion for God, and the sure hope that he will do what he says.  A few weeks ago a man named Ronnie Smith was shot and killed in Lybia by the Muslim brotherhood for spreading the gospel in that country.  Shortly after his killing, his wife said in and interview, “I don’t want revenge, I want the killers to know that I love them, I forgive them, and I want them to know the love and the forgiveness that they have in Jesus.”  That is passion for God, that is hope, and that is women who is truly tough.

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