Think Through It – One Moment

The Olympics are over, but it was a wonderful two weeks for our country and for the whole world to watch great athletes compete. The Olympics only come around every 4 years, and in every sport winning and losing comes down to one moment.

sochiJust think about the pressure: these athletes train their entire lives, for one moment. If they perform well they may win a gold medal; if they perform poorly they go home a loser. What has been the most important moment in your life? Or what is the most important decision that you have ever made? I am here to tell you that ultimately there really is only one great decision and that is this: what will you do with Jesus? You will either follow him as Lord and be saved, or reject him and face him as an enemy.  What will you do with Jesus? Ultimately our whole lives come down to this one decision.  I hope and pray you make the right choice.

Im Jason Dees encouraging you to Think Through It.