Think Through It – Family, Faith, and Football


One of the things I love about Alabama is that basically everyone in this state loves college football.  The biggest country boy from Atmore, or the engineer hipster from Huntsville can come together on this one point.  One watches Nascar, and the other watches Star Wars. One goes to shooting ranges, and the other goes to coffee shops.  One drives a Chevy Silverado, and the other drives a Volkswagen, but they both come together for the game of football.  You know, ultimately, the hope of the gospel is to unite the diverse world in an even deeper way than this.  Jesus has called all men and women, no matter their race, class, or interests to be united in him.  And he has not called us to just be fellow fans, but to be family, brothers and sisters united in his cause.  God’s vision for his church is powerful thing that can tear down even the highest walls. It is a vision for all of us in Christ.

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