Image by Dietmut Teijgeman-Hansen / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What does it mean to be moral? Most people think that to be a moral person or to be a good person has everything to do with how you interact with other people. In other words, it has to do with your external behavior. But, Christians believe that it is actually more than that. Christians believe that to be a moral person has everything to do with not only who you are externally, but also who you are internally. You may be treating others well on the outside, but do you have peace in your heart in the quiet moments? A modern poet once asked, “Will I ever find silence without mental violence?”. Is your heart at rest in the quiet moments? Do you really have peace in your life? You see, a relationship with Jesus not only promises to change what you do, but it also promises changes who you are. And, therefore it is only through Christ that we can truly be moral.

I’m Jason Dees, encouraging you to think through it.

One thought on “Morality

  1. So, I’ve been thinking about this…

    I realize that I am not your target audience, but here I am anyway, hoping to engage you in conversation here, not for argument’s sake.

    The question of morality is an important for this generation, this time period when morality is loose, but what I am most curious about is whether or not Jesus is ultimately concerned with my morality? or me and my heart and who I am? The two are very different things, and your questions implies them to be the same.

    I love that Avett brothers quote. I think maybe we should do more mental violence and asking the questions that bother us, because they lead us to the One who can quiet us, like the Avett brothers say “will i ever know silence without mental violence
    with a ringing it might go away it’s up to you my father called on me.”

    I worry that when we talk about how Christians perceive morality, we showcase Christianity as a moralistic system, and Christianity is so much better than that! It is this moralistic system that leaves a bitter taste in the outsiders mouth, and we happily give them the bad wine, when the good wine is what we should serve them. Morality in its purest form is a human impossibility. Goodness is an attribute of God, so for a human to be moral, he or she must know the divine.

    The question, “what does it mean to be moral?” implies a work for man to do to get to God, but apart from God, can man get to God? No, God must seek after the man.

    The question becomes, “How can I know God?” Here is the gospel – here is the good news of Christ. He came, and not so much that we would be good, but that we could be known and know the Father despite our goodness or badness. Morality then is secondary to the most important thing, so let’s start with the good wine – the good news of Christ. It is true that as we drink the cup, we become moral beings.

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