Image by Elvert Barnes / CC-BY-2.0

Why do you like to talk about football? Seriously, why do you spend hours every week talking about football? Maybe a better question is this: why do you spend hours every week listening to people talk about football? The reason is that when we talk about the sports, objects, or people that we love, we actually find more joy in that sport, object, or person. This is called worship, or the expression of our joy in something that we love. And, as fun as it is to worship football, or a car, or even one of our children, we were built by God to be worshippers of God. And, true, lasting joy, and lasting delight is found when we worship Him. So, there is nothing wrong with talking about football, but our desire to talk about football is pointing a deeper need that we all have: the need to know and to worship the living God.

I’m Jason Dees, encouraging you to think through it.

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