Image by U.S. Army / CC BY 2.0

Christians often ask me how they should pray when it comes to ISIS. Should we pray that they are defeated? Should we pray that they are converted to Christianity? It is interesting when I hear prayer requests from Christians in the Middle East who are actually facing the persecution from ISIS. Their main prayer request isn’t for the defeat of ISIS, but rather that they would stay faithful to the Lord despite the persecution, despite being taken away from their families, despite the threat of death. Even though many Christians are being killed in the Middle East right now, their courage in the face of persecution is proving their faith, and many who were previously far from God are coming to faith in Christ. An early Christian named Tertullian has famously said, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” You see, it is the fires of life, it is the pain of life that proves the things we say we believe.

I’m Jason Dees, encouraging you to think through it.

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