Image by Richard Birlew / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you remember the first time you kissed your wife? It’s a pretty exhilarating feeling but what makes a first kiss so exciting isn’t love, it’s ego. When you first kiss a girl its not your love for her that makes it so magical, it’s the fact that she is kissing you. But once you marry a girl and are committed to her and to her only, and have kissed her 5,000 times well then all of the ego goes away, because you have nothing more to gain from her. So then when you serve her, and when you care from her, and when you kiss her, you really are motivated by love for her and not for yourself. You see love, real love, comes from a place of commitment, a lasting and deep, unbreakable commitment. It is why God designed marriage the way he did, so that people could really experience what it is like to love, and what it is like to be loved. I’m Jason Dees encouraging you to think through it.

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