Spotted Cow // November
7:00 PM19:00

Spotted Cow // November

The Turf Tavern is the oldest pub in Oxford, England and people from all over the world representing a number of worldviews meet there every afternoon and evening to eat, to drink, and to talk. It was thrilling to go there as a Christian to think through some of the most pressing issues of our day with people who approached those issues from massively different perspectives. From 960AD until 1842AD the Turf Tavern was known as The Spotted Cow. At Christ Covenant we have tried to recreate that kind of setting with a “Spotted Cow” of our own where people can come together from different worldview perspectives to talk about the pressing issues of our day. This men only gathering is held at The Dees House and always includes smoked meat, fire, and lively discussion.

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