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The Pastor’s Kid: My Happy Childhood

Every man has a father. He may have been a great father. He may have been an absent father. He may have died before you really had any memory of him. Whatever the case your father had an enormous impact on you for good or for ill. On Tuesday nights I am inviting you to join me and men throughout Atlanta for a conversation about Fatherhood at Spotted Cow. The Spotted Cow is an event for men full of feasting, fellowship, and thoughtful discussion on important topics. We meet at the Covenant Collective at 7pm to eat Smoked Meat around a fire while we discuss these very important things. I will be joined this week by men that have a great relationship with their fathers, men that had a rocky relationship with their fathers, and men that barely knew their fathers. To prepare for the meeting read through this article published at TGC about my experience of being a pastors kid.

VOTE: A Guide for Christians in The Strange Place - A Post Christian American Election Cycle

The 2020 election cycle is officially upon us. Over the next 17 months, people are going to be talking a lot about who our next president will be.  Christians should avoid both the tendency to avoid politics or to over-spiritualize politics.  People have long looked for a messiah among political leaders.  This was true of Obama in 2008, it is true among Trump supporters today, and it will be true of the Democratic candidate tomorrow.  The problem with this type of thinking on both sides of the political aisle is that it tends to deify the political leader that you may be for and to demonize the political leader that you may be against. What Christians must realize is that no political leader can save them or the country and that no party line holds up against the Kingdom of Christ.  When Jesus came, he was hated by both the left and right, but both sides also began to follow him. They saw in Jesus a new way, a new King and Kingdom, that was bigger and truer than anything that the most ardent Pharisee or the most pagan Roman had to offer.  As Christians, we have been called to this Kingdom and to be more committed to our citizenship in the Kingdom of Christ than we are to any otherworldly citizenship. 


It’s hard for me to think about growing up without thinking about Sports.  Most of my childhood friendships had something to do with playing sports together. 

Leadership is Responsibility

Today there are many definitions of leadership.  For several decades now, countless books have been written, blog-posts have been posted, and conferences have been held trying to help people understand and pursue the dynamics of leadership.  So many of these resources are really helpful in terms of understanding methods of leadership, but many of them lack a particular definition of and foundation for what leadership actually is. Furthermore, among those that do include a definition there is no agreement on what that definition actually is.  So, what is leadership, and what is the foundation for understanding the idea of leadership?

Reactionary Thought

I was having coffee with a friend the other morning.  He is one of the smartest friends I have, but he is also very secular in his worldview approach.  In the course of our conversation he told me that he was concerned with his own worldview. “There is no cohesive system of thought in secular thinking,” he said.  “It’s all disjointed; it’s all a reaction to something else.” Of course, as a Christian, I totally agree with his assessment, but I was surprised (to say the least) at his admission.

Gun Control and the Gospel

Christians can disagree with one another and not lose fellowship. Christians should never let a conversation about gun violence divide the church. Just because a person thinks that we should have stricter gun laws does not make them a “baby killing liberal.” Similarly, just because someone thinks that the Second Amendment is an important American right does not make them an “uncompassionate redneck.” Thoughtful and good Christians are going to disagree on this issue, and there are good points to be made on either side.